Refined Obsidian Tools

Refined Obsidian Tools
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Obsidian Tools are the strongest tools in Mekanism. The Obsidian Axe, Obsidian Pickaxe, Obsidian Shovel and Obsidian Hoe can break up to 2500 blocks, while the Paxel can break 3000 blocks. The Obsidian Sword has a durability of 2500.

Crafting Guide

To craft obsidian tools at least a Enrichment Chamber, a Metallurgic Infuser, a Crusher and a Osmium Compressor are required.

Step 1 : Mine Obsidian
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6

Step 2 : Put obsidian blocks in Enrichment chamber.(Each blocks will give 2 dirty obsidian dust, wich will results in 2 ingot for 1 block)

Step 3 : Get diamond dust. (Put diamond in Crusher)

Step 4 : Put diamond dust in Metallurgic Infuser.

Step 5 : Put dirty obsidian dust in Metallurgic Infuser.

Step 6 : Take refined obsidian dust and put it in Osmium Compressor.

Now you got Obsidian Ingot. You can craft tools, sword and armor pieces the same recipes than Iron Ingots.


Tool HP Damage Tool's selfie
Hoe 2500 ? File:ObbyHoe.png
Shovel 2500 +11 File:ObbyShovel.png
Pickaxe 2500 +12 File:ObbyPick.png
Axe 2500 +13 File:ObbyAxe.png
Sword 2500 +14 File:ObbySword.png
Paxel 3000 +13 File:ObbyPaxel.png

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