Refined Obsidian Ingot

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Refined Obsidian Ingot
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Refined Obsidian Ingot








The Obsidian Ingot is the most powerful material for tools and weaponry. However, it also the most expensive ingot, requiring the most valuable resources to be crafted, since it needs osmium and diamond dust

Obsidian tools and weaponry cannot be repaired on an anvil with another Obsidian Ingot.

Once you have crafted an Obsidian Ingot, it can be crafted back to dirty obsidian dust. But in this process, you lose the invested diamond.


Step 1 : Mine Obsidian.
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6

Step 2 : Put obsidian blocks in Enrichment chamber.(Each blocks will give 2 dirty obsidian dust, wich will results in 2 ingot for 1 block)

Step 3 : Get diamond dust. (Put diamond in Crusher)

Step 4 : Put diamond dust in Metallurgic Infuser.

Step 5 : Put dirty obsidian dust in Metallurgic Infuser.

Step 6 : Take refined obsidian dust and put it in Osmium Compressor.

Now you got Obsidian Ingot. You can craft tools, sword and armor pieces the same recipes than Iron Ingots.


As expected, Obsidian Ingot are used to craft tools, armors and swords. But they can also be used to craft Robit (2 ingots), Atomic Disassembler (1 ingot), Ultimate Energy Cube (2 ingots), Refined Obsidian Block (9 ingots) and Teleporter Frame (8 ingots).

Getting back Dirty Obsidian Dust

It is pretty simple to get back your dust.

The only thing to do is to put Obsidian Ingot into a Crusher.
Once, it will produce Refined Obsidian Dust.
Twice, it will produce Dirty Obsidian Dust. WARNING : In this process, you lose the diamond invested earlier.

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