Pressurized Reaction Chamber

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Pressurized Reaction Chamber
Pressurized Reaction Chamber.png
Pressurized Reaction Chamber








The Pressurized Reaction Chamber (PRC) is used primarily to create Substrate, HDPE Pellets and Ethylene. It has a variable speed and energy usage dependent on the materials/gasses it is creating.


The Pressurized Reaction Chamber accepts a liquid, a gas, and a material(s); it uses these three substances to create another material(s) and some leftover gas. Like many other Mekanism machines, it has configurable sides; by default, it accepts gas from the left, accepts liquid from the back, and outputs gas on the right.


Energy Used Speed Input Liquid Input Gas Input Material Output Material Output Gas
5 J/t Normal Water (10 mB) Hydrogen (10) Bio Fuel (2) Substrate (1) Ethylene (100)
205 J/t Slow Water (200 mB) Ethylene (100) Substrate (1) Substrate (8) Oxygen (10)
1000 J/t Normal Liquid Ethylene (50 mB) Oxygen (10) Substrate (1) HDPE Pellet (1) Oxygen (5)


PRC Substrate Setup

The image on the left is an example setup of a Pressurized Reaction Chamber creating Substrate from Water, Hydrogen, and Bio Fuel.

A - A Gas Tank outputting Hydrogen. Gas Tanks output through their side with a red rectangular mark into Pressurized Tube. You can obtain Hydrogen naturally by using an Electrolytic Separator.
B - A Portable Tank outputs water through Mechanical Pipe. Notice that the end of the Mechanical Pipe touching the Portable Tank has been configured using a Configurator to "PULL". You can obtain water naturally by using the Water Pump.
C - A powered Crusher crushes nature ingredients into Bio Fuel and outputs it through Logistical Transporter piping. Again, note that the piping has been set to "PULL".
D - The resulting Ethylene (Gas) from the reaction is sent through Pressurized Tube into a Gas Tank.
E - The Pressurized Reaction Chamber itself. It has been configured to accept items from its top (Items - Red), accept Energy through its bottom (Energy - Green), accept gases from its left (Gases - Red), accept fluids from its back (Fluids - Yellow), and output gases from its right (Gases - Blue - Auto Eject: On).

Crafting Recipe

Enriched Alloy
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Pressurized Reaction Chamber
Control Circuit Enrichment Chamber Control Circuit
Gas Tank Dynamic Tank Gas Tank


  • If you need to clear a liquid or gas from the input gauges, use the Gauge Dropper; simply open the Pressurized Reaction Chamber's GUI (by right-clicking it), take an empty Gauge Dropper from your inventory, and click on the gauge with the liquid or gas that you want to extract. You can then either shift+right-click on the ground with the Gauge Dropper to empty it and continue to extract the gas or liquid by repeating the previous steps, or drop it into a Gas Tank or Portable Tank's input slot on its interface (marked with either an "I" or a "-") to move the substance into the receptacle without wasting it.
  • Remember that Liquid Ethylene is not the same as Ethylene. To create HDPE Pellets, you must first convert the Ethylene into Liquid Ethylene using a Rotary Condensentrator. Have it accept Ethylene from its "G" (Gas) side, and output Liquid Ethylene from its "L" (Liquid) side, and leave it in "Condensentrating" mode.

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