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# Upgrade Tab
# Upgrade Tab
# Security Tab
# Security Tab
# Dump Infusion Material Buffer
# Side Configuration Tab
# Side Configuration Tab
# Transporter Configuration Tab
# Transporter Configuration Tab

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Osmium Compressor
Osmium Compressor.png
Osmium Compressor





A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block



Factory version?



40 RF/t

The Osmium Compressor is used to create Refined Obsidian Ingots from Refined Obsidian Dust and Glowstone Ingots from Glowstone Dust.
It fuses liquid Osmium (melted down Osmium Ingots placed in the machine's bottom slot) with the originating materials to create their corresponding ingots.

Crafting Recipe

Ingredients Crafting recipe

Advanced Control Circuit +
Enriched Alloy +
Bucket +
Steel Casing

Enriched Alloy Advanced Control Circuit Enriched Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Osmium Compressor
Bucket Steel Casing Bucket
Enriched Alloy Advanced Control Circuit Enriched Alloy

Pre 1.7.10 Recipe:

Ingredients Crafting recipe

Control Circuit +
Redstone +
Glass +
Steel Casing

Redstone Control Circuit Redstone Grid layout Arrow (small).png Osmium Compressor
Glass Steel Casing Glass
Redstone Control Circuit Redstone


Osmium CompressorGUI.png
  1. Input Slot
  2. Output Slot
  3. Energy Slot
  4. Energy Buffer
  5. Upgrade Tab
  6. Security Tab
  7. Side Configuration Tab
  8. Transporter Configuration Tab
  9. Energy Information
  10. Redstone Control
  11. Infusion Material Slot
  12. Infusion Material Buffer

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