Ore Processing

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Mekanism adds various tiers of ore processing for better ingot yields from Silk Touch Ore. To acquire Silk Touch Ore the silk touch enchant needs to be enchanted on a pickaxe.

Each tier use a specific machine to process the raw ore ( for direct ingots, dusts, clumps, shards or crystals ).Then the product is processed by the machines of the previous tiers.

Ore processing flowchart (Mekanism v10)
Simplified version of flowchart

Tier Comparison

Tier Comparison
Chemical Dissolution Chamber Chemical Washer Chemical Crystallizer Chemical Injection Chamber Purification Chamber Crusher Enrichment Chamber Energized Smelter Yield Multiplier
Additional Input 100mb Sulfuric Acid/Ore 5mb Water/1mb Dirty Slurry 200mb Hydrogen Chloride/each 200mb Oxygen/each
100mb Sulfuric Acid/3 Raw
Tier 0 1 Raw 1 Ingot 1
1 Ore 1 Ingot 1
Tier 1 3 Raw 4 Dusts 4 Ingots 1.33
1 Ore 2 Dusts 2 Ingots 2
Tier 2 1 Raw 2 Clumps 2 Dirty Dusts 2 Dusts 2 Ingots 2
1 Ore 3 Clumps 3 Dirty Dusts 3 Dusts 3 Ingots 3
Tier 3 3 Raw 8 Shards 8 Clumps 8 Dirty Dusts 8 Dusts 8 Ingots 2.67
1 Ore 4 Shards 4 Clumps 4 Dirty Dusts 4 Dusts 4 Ingots 4
Tier 4 3 Raw 2000mb Dirty Slurry 2000mb Clean Slurry 10 Crystals 10 Shards 10 Clumps 10 Dirty Dusts 10 Dusts 10 Ingots 3.33
1 Ore 1000mb Dirty Slurry 1000mb Clean Slurry 5 Crystals 5 Shards 5 Clumps 5 Dirty Dusts 5 Dusts 5 Ingots 5

Video Tutorial

All links refer to YouTube's watch page.

EsquilãoBR Tutorial PT-BR

Tier 0

This is the stock minecraft Tier of directly smelting ores into ingots. First energy is produced for example by Heat Generator in passive mode.

1 Raw Ore → Energized Smelter → 1 Ingot

Basic Tier 0 Setup

Tier 1

New machines on this tier:

Enrichment Chamber

This tier doubles ingot yield, similar to many other mods. It uses the Enrichment Chamber, similar to Thermal Expansion's Pulverizer and IC2's Macerator.

1 Silk Touch Ore → Enrichment Chamber → 2 DustsEnergized Smelter → 2 Ingots

Basic Tier 1 Setup

Tier 2

New machines on this tier:

Purification Chamber


This tier triples ingot yield, like Thermal Expansion's Induction Smelter (with rich slag). It uses the Purification Chamber, Crusher and Enrichment Chamber. The Purification Chamber requires a source of Oxygen.

This tier can also double raw ore you may have mined when using a pickaxe without silk touch enchanted on it.

1 Raw Ore (Non Silk Touch harvest) + OxygenPurification Chamber → 2 Clumps

2 ClumpsCrusher → 2 Dirty DustsEnrichment Chamber → 2 DustsEnergized Smelter → 2 Ingots


1 Silk Touch Ore + OxygenPurification Chamber → 3 Clumps

3 ClumpsCrusher → 3 Dirty DustsEnrichment Chamber → 3 DustsEnergized Smelter → 3 Ingots

Oxygen Can be obtained like so:

Water → Electric PumpElectrolytic SeparatorOxygen

Hint: You can use Gas-Burning Generator to recycle Hydrogen produced by Electrolytic Separator back to energy. That saves a lot of energy.

Basic Tier 2 Setup

Tier 3

New machines on this tier:

Chemical Injection Chamber

Chemical Infuser

This tier quadruples ingot yield. It uses the Thermal Evaporation Plant, Chemical Injection Chamber, Electrolytic Separator, Chemical Infuser, Purification Chamber, Electrolytic Separator, Crusher and Enrichment Chamber.

1 Silk Touch Ore + Hydrogen ChlorideChemical Injection Chamber → 4 Shards

4 Shards + OxygenPurification Chamber → 4 Clumps

4 ClumpsCrusher → 4 Dirty DustsEnrichment Chamber → 4 DustsEnergized Smelter → 4 Ingots

The chain to make Hydrogen Chloride is self-sustaining but quite involved.

Water → Electric PumpThermal Evaporation PlantBrineElectrolytic SeparatorSodium and Chlorine


SaltChemical OxidizerGaseous BrineRotary CondensentratorBrineElectrolytic SeparatorSodium and Chlorine

Hydrogen (from water electrolysis) and ChlorineChemical InfuserHydrogen Chloride

Basic Tier 3 Setup

Tier 4

New machines on this tier (plus machines used for gas crafting, see the description below).

Chemical Dissolution Chamber

Chemical Washer

Chemical Crystallizer

This tier quintuples ingot yield. It uses the Rotary Condensentrator, Chemical Dissolution Chamber, Chemical Washer, Chemical Crystalizer, Chemical Oxidizer, Solar Evaporation Plant, Chemical Injection Chamber, Electrolytic Separator, Chemical Infuser, Purification Chamber, Electrolytic Separator, Crusher and Enrichment Chamber.

1 Silk Touch Ore + Sulfuric AcidChemical Dissolution Chamber → Ore Slurry

Ore Slurry + Water → Chemical Washer → Clean Ore SlurryChemical CrystalizerCrystals

Crystals are then put into a Tier 3 setup to be processed.

You need a chain to make Hydrogen Chloride the same as Tier 3. You also need a source of Gravel/Flint/Gunpowder.

Gunpowder + Hydrogen ChlorideChemical Injection Chamber → Sulfur

Sulfur → Chemical OxidizerSulfur Dioxide

Sulfur Dioxide + OxygenChemical InfuserSulfur Trioxide

Water → Rotary CondensentratorWater Vapor

Water Vapor + Sulfur TrioxideChemical InfuserSulfuric Acid

An example of Tier 4 Processing

Previous versions

Hydrogen Chloride production in Mekanism 6:

Water → Solar Evaporation PlantBrineElectrolytic SeparatorHydrogen and ChlorineChemical InfuserHydrogen Chloride

Ore processing flowchart (v6)

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