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The MekaSuit is a highly configurable set of modular armor added in Mekanism v10. The MekaSuit is divided into 4 parts, the headpiece, the chest plate, the leggings, and the boots. Each part of the MekaSuit can be upgraded with Modules that are installed with the Modification Station and can be configured by pressing "\" (backslash).

Video Tutorials - EsquilãoBR Tutorial PT-BR

Crafting Recipe

MekaSuit Helmet:

Ingredients Crafting recipe

Basic Induction Cell +
HDPE Sheet +
Polonium Pellet +
Netherite Helmet +
Ultimate Control Circuit

HDPE Sheet Ultimate Control Circuit HDPE Sheet Grid layout Arrow (small).png MekaSuit Helmet
HDPE Sheet Netherite Helmet HDPE Sheet
Polonium Pellet Basic Induction Cell Polonium Pellet

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