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  1. This is a title blacklist. Titles and users that match a regular expression here cannot be created.
  2. Use "#" for comments.
  3. This is case insensitive by default

.*support number.* .*service number.* .*services number.* .*phone number.* .*telephone number.* .*tech number.* .*help desk number.* .*technical support.* .*tech support.* .*helpline.* .*turbotax.* .*customer care.* .*trademark.* .*toll free number.* .*toll free.* .*contact number.* .*customer service.* .*diet.* .*woman.* .*women.* .*dating.* .*cialis.* .*viagra.* .*supplements.* .*trick.* .*flash\slight.* .*ejactulation.* .*pills.* .*horror.* .*scarefest.* .*antidepressants.* .*cbd.* .*why\s(would|you|it|is|must|do)* .*medication.* .*girl.* .*male.* .*disorders.* .*quiz.* .*wrinkle.* .*skincare.* .*naturally.* .*services.* .*perks.* .*desires.* .*reason.* .*usefulness.* .*hot[\s-]?tub.* .*jacuzzi.* .*bridal.* .*benefits.* .*advantages.* .*drug.* .*know the.* .*pozyczki.* .*pozyczka.* .*business.* .*stunning.* .*best.* .*professional.* .*installation.* .*selecting.* .*enterprises.* .*dining-room.* .*dining room.* .*provider.* .*scientists.* .*enzyme.* .*resale.* .*vehicle.* .*camera.* .*accessibility.* .*weight.* .*habits.* .*remedies.* .*treatment.* .*investing.* .*holiday.* .*company.* .*concerning.* .*the\sbest.* .*odchudzanie.* .*muscle.* .*developers.* .*movies.* .*esports.* .*review.* .*transexual.* .*[Ff]at\s.* .*surgical.* .*bicycle.* .*pounds.* [\w',]+\s[\w',]+\s[\w',]+\s[\w',]+\s[\w',]+\s[\w',]+ <errmsg=Page titles cannot be longer than 5 words>

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