Logistical Sorter

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Logistical Sorter
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Logistical Sorter






The Logistical Sorter is the brains of Mekanism Logistics. To those familiar with the mod Red Power 2 it is comparable to RP2's router, attached to the side of an inventory/chest this block will route items to where they should go.


Logistical Sorter GUI

  • Filters: The number of item filters currently in use
  • RR (Round Robin): Turning on this mode will make the Sorter cycle through available destinations when sending items. When this option is off, items will be sent to the closest available inventory
  • Auto : ???
  • Default : The default color tag for items. Filtered items that do not have a color tag set will use the default color tag. Left and right click will cycle forwards and backwards through the color list
  • Item Filters : Any item filters you create will go here. You can edit existing filters by clicking them.
  • New Filter : Click to create a new item filter.

Item Filter

There are four different types of item filters available. Itemstack, OreDict, Material, and Mod ID. The different filters give you different methods of designating which types items to filter.


Itemstack GUI

Itemstack item filters are set by placing the item you want to filter into the slot in the upper left. The slot in the lower left is the color tag. It can be changed by right or left clicking. The "min", "max" and "s" checkbox controls are settings for Size Mode. Size mode will force the sorter to send a precise amount of items. Enable size mode by clicking the "s" button. The back arrow in the upper left takes you to the main GUI menu.


OreDict item filters allow you to specify items by their registered OreDict name. You can also use "*" as a wildcard in the name, "ore*" for example will filter all items whose OreDict name start with "ore"



Mod ID


Crafting Recipe

Iron Ingot Piston Iron Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Logistical Sorter
Iron Ingot Control Circuit Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot Iron Ingot

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