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The Jetpack is an item that allows the player to fly, equippable in the chestplate slot. It uses Hydrogen gas as a fuel, of which it can store up to 24,000 mB.

The Jetpack can be filled up wherever Hydrogen gas is outputted into a slot. For example, it can be placed in the Electrolytic Separator's left output slot (where Hydrogen is outputted) after placing water in the machine's input slot (which will result in the machine creating Hydrogen).

A Jetpack being fueled with Hydrogen.

The Jetpack has three modes to choose from, which can be toggled by pressing the "Armor Mode Switch" key. This key can be set in the Controls menu from within the Game Menu (Esc).

  1. Regular (default) : Press Space to increase your height and release to fall. Note that you will take fall damage unless you carefully lower yourself to the ground.
  2. Hover : Constant flight, without the need to level yourself like you do with Regular mode. Press Space to increase altitude and press ⇧ Shift to decrease. Note that this mode constantly consumes Hydrogen.
  3. Disabled : The Armored Jetpack is disabled.

While worn, the Jetpack displays the Hydrogen remaining and the mode active in the bottom left corner.


  • The Jetpack cannot be worn with chestplate armor, since it uses the same slot. If you still want the benefits of both chestplate armor and a Jetpack, upgrade the Jetpack into an Armored Jetpack.
  • The Jetpack emits fire particles; however, it will not set anything on fire.
A player wearing a Jetpack in Hover mode.

Crafting Recipe

Steel Ingot Control Circuit Steel Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Jetpack
Tin Ingot Gas Tank Tin Ingot

Tin Ingot

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