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* [[Turbine Vent]]
* [[Turbine Vent]]
* Pressure Disperser
* Pressure Disperser
* Turbine Blades
* [[Turbine Blades]]
* Turbine Rotor
* [[Turbine Rotor]]
* Rotational Complex
* Rotational Complex
* Electromagnetic Coil
* Electromagnetic Coil
* Turbine Valve
* [[Turbine Valve]]
* [[Structural Glass]] (Optional)
* [[Structural Glass]] (Optional)

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New in v9 is the Turbine Multiblock. This massive structure is used to produce power from the reactor that was introduced with v8.

(You must forgive me as this is my first ever wiki article -SR)


Construction Notes:

  • Minimal structure is 5x5 base with 6 blocks high.
  • Maximum in the 5x5 base is 8 high due to blades.
  • Orientation can only be vertical (Unlike BR's turbine)
  • Compatible with oredict steam from other mods such as TE/TF/RC/MFR/Big Reactors
  • Interior may ONLY be steam dispersers, coils, shaft, blades, rotational complex, or air.
  • Larger turbines produce more power with the same amount of steam.
  • Coils appear to be limited by the number of blade sets. 4:1 ratio recommended. 4 blade sets per coil block.
  • Vents limit the max flow of steam through the turbine. The marking of "Limiting" on the vents stat simply means that it is not "optimal ratio". You can have fewer down to your desired steam flow rate.
  • If multiblock does not sparkle red on final block placement, check your assembly
  • Each vent adds 16,000mB/t of flow rate (The equivalent of 16 buckets every 1/20th of a second)

Detailed interior of a 7x7x10
Main interface showing power production and steam consumption
Statistics page showing turbine construction stats

Operation Notes:

  • Turbine shuts down if internal battery fills with energy. Make sure the power is always being used.
  • New change to the industrial turbine is that it allows you to vent excess steam to prevent it from shutting down (Option not shown).

Easter eggs:

  • A 5x5x8 turbine design will produce the exact same RF/t as the highest tiered turbine from Big Reactors with the same amount of steam.
  • Extra coils appear to have zero effect unless its "limiting". Extending the turbine is next logical step if more power needed.
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