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The Hohlraum is a critical tool for igniting the Fusion Reactor.


Place the Hohlraum in the center slot of a Chemical Infuser in which you have created at least 10 units of D-T Fuel. This will charge the Hohlraum.

Common mistakes

People usually only put one gold dust in the Metallurgic Infuser, however it requires 4 Gold Dust.

Crafting Recipe

Ingredients Metallurgic Infuser recipe

Gold Dust +
Coal or
Charcoal or
Block of Coal or
Charcoal Block or
Compressed Carbon

Grid layout Infuse Carbon Bar.png CoalCharcoalBlock of CoalCharcoal BlockCompressed Carbon Gold Dust Grid layout Infuse Arrow.png Hohlraum
Grid layout Infuse Energy Bar.png


Hohlraum means cavity in german.

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