Gauge Dropper

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The Gauge Dropper is an important tool used to interact with machines that work with fluids and/or gasses, such as the Chemical Infuser.


If a Mekanism machine has a fluid and/or gas gauge, then you can use the Gauge Dropper on it. Open the machine's GUI and pick up the gauge dropper as you would if you where moving it to a different inventory slot. Hover over the gauge you wish to interact with, and then do one of the following:

Left Click: Will collect up to 1000mB of the gas/fluid and store it in the dropper Right Click: Will deposit whatever is in the dropper into the tank, if it is compatible and is of the same fluid/gas type (you can't put oxygen in a tank that has hydrogen in it, for example). Shift + Left Click: Will dump the entire tank.

You can also dump the contents of the gauge dropper by selecting it in the hotbar (outside of any machinery GUI) and use Shift + Right Click on any block. The contents will be destroyed in the process.

Crafting Recipe

Osmium Ingot
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Gauge Dropper
Glass Pane
Glass Pane
Glass Pane Glass Pane Glass Pane

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