Gas Tank

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Gas Tank
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Gas Tank








Gas Tanks are Mekanisms batteries for storing Gases. They can be placed as a block and do interact with Pressurized Tubes. A completely filled Gas Tank contains 96000 units of gas. It can store the following gases:

The Gas Tank, when placed in the world, has an inventory slot to fill other tanks or certain items like the Jetpack or the Scuba Tank. It has also a "dumping" option to slowly release the gas it has contained.

The Gas Tank has a side with a dot on it. This side is the output side. If the output side is touching a machine that can accept gases or a Pressurized Tube, the gas will be moved into the respective tube or machine if possible.

Crafting Recipe

Osmium Ingot Osmium Ingot Osmium Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Gas Tank
Osmium Ingot Iron Dust Osmium Ingot
Osmium Ingot Osmium Ingot Osmium Ingot

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