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==Crafting Recipe==
==Crafting Recipe==
{{Grid/Crafting Table
| A1 = Tin Ingot | B1 = Tin Ingot | C1 = Tin Ingot
| A1 = Tin Ingot | B1 = Tin Ingot | C1 = Tin Ingot
| A2 = Tin Ingot | B2 = Gas Tank | C2 = Flint and Steel
| A2 = Tin Ingot | B2 = Gas Tank | C2 = Flint and Steel

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After making the Flamethrower, it needs to be filled with Hydrogen to run. Hook a Gas Tank up to an Electrolytic Separator and fill it with Hydrogen. Place the Flamethrower in the top slot and it should fill up relatively fast (<1 minute). Once full (24000 units of hydrogen) equip it and you should be set to go.

The flamethrower has pretty high damage and sets everything on fire. It also turns sand into glass. It turns all ores in the ore dictionary into ingots. Basically, it smelts a block without a furnace.

Crafting Recipe

Ingredients Crafting recipe

Flint and Steel +
Tin Ingot +
Gas Tank +
Bronze Ingot +
Advanced Control Circuit

Tin Ingot Tin Ingot Tin Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Flamethrower
Tin Ingot Gas Tank Flint and Steel
Bronze Ingot Advanced Control Circuit Bronze Ingot

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