Fission Reactor Logic Adapter

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A Fission Reactor Logic Adapter is a block used to remotely control a Fission Reactor. With one installed, the user can use various events or conditions to control the reactor automatically with no manual input. This is useful for prevention of meltdowns.

It can be accessed by right-clicking it.


The Fission Reactor Logic Adapter is installed in the side of the Fission Reactor, replacing either Fission Reactor Casing or Reactor Glass blocks. The location does not matter, as long as it is placed on a wall and not a corner. The red dot can output or receive a redstone signal depending on the configuration.


There are currently 6 configuration options available to set the Logic Adapter to:

  • disabled - disables reaction to redstone signal, essentially turns the block off
  • activation - upon receiving a redstone signal the adapter will shut off the reactor
  • high temperature - when the temperature of the reactor gets critical a redstone signal is emitted
  • excess waste - when the reactor has excess waste a redstone signal is emitted
  • damage critical - when damage to the reactor gets to 100% redstone signal is emitted
  • insufficient fuel - when there is insufficient fuel to maintain a reaction a redstone signal is emitted

These can be activated by clicking the desired setting. The GUI will display the current mode of the Logic Adapter and the current reactor status at the bottom.

Crafting Recipe

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Fission Reactor Logic Adapter
Redstone Fission Reactor Casing Redstone


Computer Integration Methods

NOTE: These are not all methods, but they are the most useful ones.

Method Name Additional Info
activate(): Will activate the reactor.
scram(): Will, you guessed it, scram the reactor.
getStatus(): Boolean Will return true when the reactor is online, and false when it isn't.
getTemperature(): Number By default in Kelvin. (subtract 273.15 to convert to Celsius)
getDamagePercent(): Number Returns damage.
getCoolant(): Table Returns both the amount and type. For example, for coolant it can be {amount=7.29E7, name="minecraft:water"}
getCoolantFilledPercentage(): Number Returns how full the coolant tank is.
getHeatedCoolant(): Table Returns both the amount and type.
getHeatedCoolantFilledPercentage(): Number Returns how full the heated coolant tank is.
getFuel(): Table Returns both the amount and type.
getFuelFilledPercentage(): Number Returns how full the fuel tank is.
getFuelNeeded(): Number Returns the amount of fuel needed to completely fill the tank.
getFuelCapacity(): Number Returns the fuel capacity.
getWaste(): Table Returns both the amount and type.
getWasteFilledPercentage(): Number Returns how full the waste tank is.
getBurnRate(): Number Returns the set reactor burn rate.
getActualBurnRate(): Number Returns the current burn rate.
getMaxBurnRate(): Number Returns the maximum possible reactor burn rate.
getHeatingRate(): Number Returns the amount of coolant being heated (mB/t).
getEnvironmentalLoss(): Number Returns the environmental loss.
isForceDisabled(): Boolean Returns wether the reactor is force disabled.
setBurnRate(): Number Set the desired reactor burn rate.
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