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Factories are advanced forms of the basic machines like the Crusher, Enrichment Chamber, Osmium Compressor, Combiner, Purification Chamber and Energized Smelter, They can also output to blocks/inventories adjacent of them without using any transportation pipes for more compact builds.

Factory GUI

GUI Labels

  1. Block Configurator
  2. Auto-sort processing
  3. Battery Storage Slot
  4. Processing Slot
  5. Output Slot
  6. Oxygen Bar (For Purifying Chamber use only)
  7. Upgrade Insertion and Extraction Slot
  8. Mode Change Slot (By placing Mekanism processing machines here the players can change the Factory processing mode)
  9. Redstone Control
  10. Gas Tank Slot (For Purifying Chamber use only
  11. Energy Indicator

Block Configurator T4T9ce4.png

Configurator Labels

  1. Auto-Ejection Button
  2. Strict Input
  3. Block Configuration Color code (This makes the Machine know from which sides will it receive items or output them very similar to Thermal Expansion mechanics)
  4. Output Color 'Painter' Used by the Logistics system of Mekanism
  5. Logistical Color Input configuration (If the Player uses the Logistics system of Mekanism this is where he/she configure what color codes the block will receive from what side)
  6. Previous Menu Button
= Factories
Basic Factory

Process Slots: 3

Advanced Factory

Process Slots: 5

Elite Factory

Process Slots: 7


Recipes (Placeholder add if needed)

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