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|tool=Wooden Pickaxe
|tool=Wooden Pickaxe

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Electrolytic Separator
Electrolytic Separator.png
Electrolytic Separator





A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block




400 J/t

The Electrolytic Separator sends controlled amounts of direct current into a fluid, causing the atoms in the fluid to break their bonds. This process of electrolysis is used to create some very useful gases from some rather ordinary fluids.

The Electrolytic Separator requires a constant supply of power and must have a source of a suitable liquid in order to produce the gases. As the liquid is electrolyzed, the component gases will be stored in its internal tanks. Should either tank fill completely, the Separator will turn off. Connecting a Pressurized Tube or other compatible pipe to both tanks will remove the gas. If you are only using a single gas, selecting "dump" for the unused gas will vent it to the environment, preventing that internal tank from filling completely and stopping the Separator.

As of Mekanism 7.1 (Minecraft 1.7.10) the Electrolytic Separator requires 400 joules of power (J/t).

Please note that while the Electrolytic Separator does take Energy Upgrades, they don't actually affect the machine's energy efficiency, for balancing purposes.

Crafting Recipe

Iron Ingot Redstone Iron Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Electrolytic Separator
Enriched Alloy Electrolytic Core Enriched Alloy
Iron Ingot Redstone Iron Ingot

Processing Water

Separator Water.png

Typically the first application of the Electrolytic Separator is in the electrolyzing of water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. The oxygen is usually dumped into the environment, but the hydrogen is used for filling a Jetpack and/or for feeding into a Gas-Burning Generator (previously known as the Hydrogen Generator) as a significant source of power for a growing base. Oxygen can be piped from the red tank side of the Electrolytic Separator, and hydrogen is delivered out the blue tank side.

Processing Brine

Separator Brine.png

Highter-tier ore processing requires the creation of Chlorine, which is a product of electrolyzing the sodium chlorides in a Brine solution. Chlorine gas is delivered out the side with the red tank, and sodium is sent out the blue tank side.

Power Generation

Although the Electrolytic Separator does not generate power on its own, it is a key part of a hydrogen power system. The combination of an Electric Pump, Electrolytic Separator and Hydrogen Generator creates a net positive energy generation, as long as water is being provided to the pump.

HydrogenGenerator sample.png

1 ) Solar panels feed power to the 2 ) Water pump, which sends water to the 3 ) Electrolytic Separator (this is the old version) which pipes hydrogen to the 4 ) Hydrogen Generator, sending power to an 5 ) Energy Cube

WARNING: This setup will not work in 1.7.10 as said above,the Electrolytic Separator needs 400 joules of power (J/t) to run. The purpose of this change was to turn Hydrogen into an energy carrier. See https://github.com/aidancbrady/Mekanism/issues/1037


Before Mekanism 6.0, the Electrolytic Separator had a slightly different texture and could only output either hydrogen or oxygen, but not both.

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