Electric Pump

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Electric Pump
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Electric Pump








The Electric Pump is a powered pump with an internal buffer of 10000mB worth of fluids. It can pump any fluid that is covered in the forge fluid dictionary and can be placed on a shoreline and will pump the fluid under it and anything fluid under it.

Crafting Recipe

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Electric Pump
Enriched Alloy Steel Casing Enriched Alloy
Osmium Ingot Osmium Ingot Osmium Ingot


Place the pump 1 block above or adjacent to a source block of any fluid you desire. From then on the pump will collect any source block of the fluid it can find, checking any block it can reach going along all flowing blocks of the liquid. In the end, the pump collects all source blocks originally connected to the block it was placed near. It collects 2000mb/s (100mb/t) of water and 20mb/s (1mb/t) of heavy water for a cost of 100 Jouls per operation (10 Jouls/t).

To collect heavy water, a Filter Upgrade must be installed into the pump.


An operation for the pump is defined as taking in 1 bucket of fluid (10mb of heavy water) every 10 ticks without speed upgrades. The equation for speed upgrades is floor(10*max -x/8), where "max" is the maximum speed multiplier in the config. Below is a table for the default max of 10, along with calculated rates.

*Due to how the mod calculates tickrate, adding more than 6 speed upgrades is a waste and needlessly uses more power.


  • The energy usage displayed is actually per operation, not per tick, so it will actually be less per tick than it shows.

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