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Dynamic Tank
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Along with the Dynamic Glass and Dynamic Valve, Dynamic Tank makes up the multi-block that is the Dynamic Tank, a fluid storage structure that can hold a single type of fluid, unlike Railcraft Tanks however they have no size constraints in configuration similar to Xycraft Tanks, as such the tank can be placed in a 6x4x5 configuration, however it still has a minimum limit of 3x3x3 and a max of 18x18x18 anything in between is still accepted as a multiblock however. Also, as the name implies this acts as the window to the dynamic tank and can also be use as a decorative block. The structure will flash with the "Active redstone" particles once it accepts the configuration.

A full size Dynamic Tank getting filled with lava from 4 electric pumps
max size Dynamic Tank getting filled with lava from 4 enderpump

v8 Crafting Recipe

Steel Ingot
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Dynamic Tank8
Steel Ingot Bucket Steel Ingot

Steel Ingot


  • All of the Dynamic Tanks multi-block borders must be made out of Dynamic Tank.
  • The Dynamic Valve must be placed facing the void within the tank (so it can access the liquid).
    • It CANNOT be placed on any of the borders.
  • As said above:
    • Minimum Size=3x3x3
    • Maximum Size=18x18x18
  • Beyond that you are allowed to configure the tank which ever way you want.

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