Chemical Infuser

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Chemical Infuser
Chemical Infuser.png
Chemical Infuser





A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block



The Chemical Infuser reacts gases to create different gases. The gases on the left and right side of the GUI (which correspond to the sides of the machine that accept these gases) will create the gas in the middle (outputted through the front of the machine).

Gas 1 (left) Output Gas (middle) Gas 2 (right)
Hydrogen Hydrogen Chloride Chlorine
Oxygen Sulfur Trioxide Sulfur Dioxide
Sulfur Trioxide Sulfuric Acid Water Vapor
Deuterium D-T Fuel Tritium
Chemical Infuser GUI


Enriched Alloy Control Circuit Enriched Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Chemical Infuser
Gas Tank Dynamic Tank Gas Tank
Enriched Alloy Control Circuit Enriched Alloy

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