Chemical Infuser

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Chemical Infuser
Chemical Infuser.png
Chemical Infuser





A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block




200 J/t

The Chemical Infuser combines or reacts two gases to create another gas. The gas gauges on the left and right side of its GUI are the input tanks, and correspond to correspond with the left and right sides of the machine. The gauge in the middle is for the resulting gas, which likewise is output through the front of the machine.

Gas Recipes

These recipes do not require the gas to be in a certain tank. For example you can have Hydrogen in the right tank and Chlorine in the left tank and still get Hydrogen Chloride out.

Gas 1 (left) Output Gas (middle) Gas 2 (right)
Hydrogen Hydrogen Chloride Chlorine
Oxygen Sulfur Trioxide Sulfur Dioxide
Sulfur Trioxide Sulfuric Acid Water Vapor
Deuterium D-T Fuel Tritium

Chemical Infuser GUI


  • Should you get the wrong gas into either of the tanks, you can use the Gauge Dropper to empty or transfer it.
  • The front, left, and right sides cannot be configured to serve a different purpose, like you could with many other machines
  • The top, back, and bottom sides can be used for power


Infused Alloy Basic Control Circuit Infused Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Chemical Infuser
Basic Chemical Tank Steel Casing Basic Chemical Tank
Infused Alloy Basic Control Circuit Infused Alloy

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