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==Crafting Recipe==
==Crafting Recipe==
|A1=Basic Control Circuit|B1=Gas Tank|C1=Basic Control Circuit
|A1=Basic Control Circuit|B1=Basic Gas Tank|C1=Basic Control Circuit
|A2=Enriched Alloy|B2=Atomic Alloy|C2=Enriched Alloy
|A2=Enriched Alloy|B2=Atomic Alloy|C2=Enriched Alloy
|A3=Basic Control Circuit|B3=Gas Tank|C3=Basic Control Circuit
|A3=Basic Control Circuit|B3=Basic Gas Tank|C3=Basic Control Circuit
|Output=Chemical Dissolution Chamber}}
|Output=Chemical Dissolution Chamber}}

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Chemical Dissolution Chamber
Chemical Dissolution Chamber.png
Chemical Dissolution Chamber









400 J/t

The Chemical Dissolution Chamber is the first machine in the x5 ore processing setup. It turns raw ores into slurry using Sulfuric Acid. The machine uses 100 mB of sulfuric acid for every ore dissolved and outputs 1000 mb of slurry. This slurry needs washing in the Chemical Washer.Note that unlike most Mekanism machines this one has fixed "in" and "out" sides for the mineral flow. "Out" is on the right, gas "in" the left and minerals "in" the top. It can of course be rotated with the Configurator.

As of now, none of the x5 ore processing machines (Dissolution Chamber/Washer/Crystalizer) have a Factory version and are difficult to maintain with large ore inputs such as with a Digital Miner.

Crafting Recipe

Ingredients Crafting recipe

Enriched Alloy +
Basic Control Circuit +
Basic Gas Tank +
Atomic Alloy

Basic Control Circuit Basic Gas Tank Basic Control Circuit Grid layout Arrow (small).png Chemical Dissolution Chamber
Enriched Alloy Atomic Alloy Enriched Alloy
Basic Control Circuit Basic Gas Tank Basic Control Circuit


Chemical Dissolution GUI.png

  1. Ore Input
  2. Slurry Tank
  3. Sulfuric Acid Tank
  4. Secondary Gas Tank Input
  5. Energy Buffer
  6. Battery Insertion Slot
  7. Secondary Slurry Output Slot
  8. Block Energy Checker
  9. Redstone Control Button

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