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|tool=Wooden Pickaxe
|stackable=yes (64)
|power=400 J/t

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== Crafting Recipe ==
== Crafting Recipe ==
{{Grid/Crafting Table
{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=Control Circuit|B1=Gas Tank|C1=Control Circuit
|A1=Basic Control Circuit|B1=Basic Gas Tank|C1=Basic Control Circuit
|A2=Atomic Core|B2=Steel Casing|C2=Atomic Core
|A2=Atomic Alloy|B2=Steel Casing|C2=Atomic Alloy
|A3=Control Circuit|B3=Gas Tank|C3=Control Circuit
|A3=Basic Control Circuit|B3=Basic Gas Tank|C3=Basic Control Circuit
|Output=Chemical Crystallizer}}
|Output=Chemical Crystallizer}}

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Chemical Crystallizer
Chemical Crystallizer.png
Chemical Crystallizer





A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block




400 J/t

The Chemical Crystallizer turns Clean Slurry into Crystals and lithium into lithium dust. Note that unlike most Mekanism machines this one has fixed "in" and "out" sides for the mineral flow. "In" will be on the left when first placed and "out" is on the right. It can of course be rotated with the Configurator.

Input is gas (uses Pressurized Tube) and output is items (uses Logistical Transporter)

Crafting Recipe

Basic Control Circuit Basic Gas Tank Basic Control Circuit Grid layout Arrow (small).png Chemical Crystallizer
Atomic Alloy Steel Casing Atomic Alloy
Basic Control Circuit Basic Gas Tank Basic Control Circuit


Chemical Crystallizer GUI.jpg

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