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|A1 = Diamond Dust|B1 = |C1 = Diamond Dust
|A1 = Diamond Dust|B1 = |C1 = Diamond Dust
|A2 = Bronze Ingot|B2 = Steel Block|C2 = Bronze Ingot
|A2 = Bronze Ingot|B2 = Steel Block|C2 = Bronze Ingot
|A3 = |B3 = Free Runners|C3 =  
|A3 = |B3 = Jetpack|C3 =  
|Output = Armored Jetpack}}
|Output = Armored Jetpack}}

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Armored Jetpack
Armored Jetpack.png
Armored Jetpack








The Armored Jetpack is virtually the same as the Jetpack, however it provides 6 points of armor while the normal Jetpack provide none.

They both use the 24,000 of hydrogen and like the non-armored one it cannot be worn with a chestplate.

There are 3 modes you can try by pressing a button you can set in the controls within the in-game options.

  1. Regular (default) : Press Space to increase your height and release to fall. Note: You take damage from falling.
  2. Hover : Constant flight. Press Space to increase altitude and press ⇧ Shift to decrease. Note : Constantly consumes hydrogen if not stopped.
  3. Disabled : The jetpack is disabled.

Crafting recipe

Diamond Dust
Diamond Dust Grid layout Arrow (small).png Armored Jetpack
Bronze Ingot Steel Block Bronze Ingot


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