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Zombies and Skeletons can spawn with any piece of Steel, Osmium, Refined Glowstone or Lapis Armor.

Zombies can also spawn with any of the corresponding swords.

Zombies cannot spawn with Bronze or Refined Obsidian armor.

Defense points

Name Points
Grid Leather Tunic.png Leather Armor 3.5
Grid Golden Chestplate.png Golden Armor 5.5
Grid Chain Armor Chestplate.png Chain Armor 6
Grid Iron Chestplate.png Iron Armor 7.5
Grid Lapis Lazuli Armor.png Lapis Lazuli Armor 7.5
Grid Bronze Armor.png Bronze Armor 8
Grid Osmium Armor.png Osmium Armor 8.5
Grid Glowstone Armor.png Glowstone Armor 9.5
Grid Steel Chestplate.png Steel Armor 9.5
Grid Diamond Chestplate.png Diamond Armor 10
Grid Obsidian Chestplate.png Obsidian Armor 15

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