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(Recently I wanted to find the cheapest way to have a world anchor in my world. Thus I tested most machines in a creative flat world. Please verify the edit.)
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Anchor Upgrade
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Anchor Upgrade








The Anchor Upgrade is a machine upgrade which keeps the chunk of the machine to which it is applied loaded. This is helpful for machines like the Digital Miner and Teleporter Portal which must be in loaded chunks to function properly.

In addition, there is a setting in the Mekanism config file called "AllowChunkloading" which must be set to true in order for the Anchor Upgrade to function properly.

As of version 1.12.2-, only the Digital Miner, Teleporter Portal and the Quantum Entangloporter can have the Anchor Upgrade installed.

Crafting Recipe

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Anchor Upgrade
Enriched Alloy Diamond Dust Enriched Alloy


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